Whilst consulting at Hogarth Worldwide,
I worked with amongst others, a brilliant BA Luis Bustos to help uncover what this workflow management application could be.
  • Client: Hogarth Worldwide
  • Date: Feb 2012 - Feb 2013
  • Role: UX Consultant

  • Deliverables:
    Ethnographic, contextual, analysis. Conceptualisation. Persona construction. User Flows. Wires. Mock ups. User Testing.
  • What's FIDO?

    Hogarth produced this video to demostrate what FIDO is for, and how it brings visibility, and accountability to the workflow process.

    An introduction to UCD

    I was initially sat with the dev team, who at this time were not familiar with User Centred Design. The organisation was split into two parts. The core operation was located in Shaftesbury Avenue, Covent Garden, and their development team were in the Johnson Building, Chancery Lane. My primary challenge was to go to the Shaftesbury Avenue site and observe users in order to conduct ethnographic and contextual studies.
    Initially this was not received well. The idea was that I would sit with dev and rapidly build wires that came out of the user stories already in backlog.

    When I fist visited users in the operations site, they were surprised to see me also! Though when I showed them examples of the work that had been marked as 'done' it became clear that something had gotten lost in translation. Building relationships is key in UX, and I met with a great business analyst call Luis Bustos, who had already mapped out a raft of process maps which articulated very complex operational processes. I then took these, and started sketching then wire framing various journeys, and interactive prototypes, which allowed me to validate his documentation with real users. This validation took the form of Axure prototypes.

    This demonstration of value built credibility and I found I was now accompanying the Product Owner to conduct the same tasks - contextuals, ethnographic studies with external clients who were also to use this sophisticated workflow management application.

    Finally the prototypes were used for user testing.
    Awesome project to work on!

    Sample end to end project artefacts

    What was said

    I worked with Joel at Hogarth Worldwide. Joel's work is truly inspiring and his concepts around best UX deployments are ground breaking and they work. He listens to the challenges which the user is experiencing and applies the right solutions to the issues. I would recommend and work with Joel again.
    Joel is an absolute pleasure to work with, and his breadth of practical digital expertise is very impressive. Working with Joel on complex pitches, I have found him to be incredibly perceptive, creative, client-focused and reliable, and I have no hesitation in recommending Joel and his work.
    Joel has a depth of knowledge of the industry which is not just concentrated on is own area. Which allows him to fully participate any level of discussion around the design and implementation. Add to this his easy going confident mature which is willing to help mentor others about his area of expertise. Make's him a pleasure to work with and look forward to the opportunity to do it again in the future.
    I have had the pleasure of working with Joel at Hogarth Worldwide for a project bridging operations, technology and finance. Joel excelled and impressed at all levels. His vast knowledge and experience in the field allows him to understand and anticipate any issues before they emerged. His knowledge in user behaviour, personas and business practices allow him to perfectly understand stakeholders from all areas and departments. His impressive communication skills, his enthusiasm, his passion for what he does and his will to help others are his innate tools to engage anyone involved in the projects he works on. I have learned a lot working with Joel and I would love to collaborate with him again in the future. Joel is THE User Experience designer.

    What I did

    DISCOVERY - Contextual, ethonograpgic research
    REQUIREMENTS & DESIGN - User flows, wireframing, mock ups
    Prototyping - Axure.RP
    Design Vaidation - Informal User Testing
    Stake Holder Management